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The Spouse KITAS is specifically designed for foreign nationals married to Indonesian citizens. It’s a popular choice for expatriates who wish to reside in Bali, one of Indonesia’s most beautiful and culturally rich regions, with their Indonesian spouse. This visa grants a longer-term stay compared to standard tourist visas, reflecting the commitment of marriage.

  • Valid Passport: A clear, color copy of your passport, valid for at least 18 months.
  • Marriage Certification: A color copy of your legally recognized marriage certificate.
  • Spouse's Family Card: A color copy of your Indonesian spouse’s ‘Kartu Keluarga’ or Family Card .
  • Spouse's ID Card: A color copy of your spouse’s Indonesian Identity Card (KTP).
  • Applicant's Photograph: One digital photo with a red or white background, meeting specific dimensions.
  • Spouse's Birth Certificate: A color copy to validate your spouse’s personal details.
  • Bank Statements: Recent (last 3 months) bank statements of your spouse, showing financial stability.
  • Vaccination Proof: A digital copy of your full vaccination record, as per health guidelines.
  • Domicile Letter: An official letter from the local banjar confirming your residence in Bali.
  • Police Clearance: A document from the police verifying your background and legal status.

The Spouse KITAS in Indonesia is initially valid for 1 year and can be renewed annually, offering a pathway for continuous residency in the country. After maintaining this permit for typically 3 to 5 years, holders are eligible to apply for a Permanent Stay Permit (KITAP), which extends their stay for 5 years with renewal options. The continuous validity of the Spouse KITAS is contingent on the ongoing marital status and residency requirements, with prolonged absences or changes in marital status potentially impacting its validity. As immigration policies may evolve, it's recommended to stay updated with the latest regulations from Indonesian authorities or consult immigration experts.

While the Spouse KITAS permits residency, it does not automatically grant the right to work in Indonesia. Employment requires a separate work permit, for which the process and eligibility may differ.

Standard (30 Days) : 10.000.000 IDR

Express (7 Days) : 15.000.000 IDR

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